Insignificant But Considerate Inventions You Shouldn't Miss

#1. Empanadas crust is stamped with what they're filled with. Never will we mistakenly eat other's.


#2. A brilliant potato chip can with a special device which helps the chips stay at the top all the time.


#3. A safety-conscious and intelligent car won't let you listen to music until you've buckled your seatbelt.


#4. No more yelling and waiting at the restaurant. Just flip the egg and service will come soon.


#5. A shrewd ATM that can let you choose which bills you want to withdraw. It must excel at math.


#6. Your coffee won't dilute when it is mixed with the ice cubes made out of coffee. I want them in my Coke too!


#7. A strip of ice is equipped to this bar, so that your beer can keep cool all day long.


#8. The stall door of a bathroom equipped with bristles that can hide the cracks and keep your privacy.


#9. A special door for kids is designed by Dairy Queen.


#10. An easy-to-use USB tab.


#11. A spoon that will never sink into your food. It has a line where its center of gravity lies.


#12. A traffic light that can give you a clear idea how long will you wait.


#13. A supermarket gives away free fruits for kids!

Australian photographer Marc Mol captured a breathtaking scene which had a pack of wild dogs cornered a hyena, leaving him nowhere to run.


#14. Stairs carved with special slots to help you bring your bike down easily.

After being chased down to a river bank in Sabie Sand game reserve in South Africa, the lone hyena was trapped by high ground on back, water in front, and eight wild dogs bearing in from all other angles.


#15. A popcorn bucket comes with a lid. You can shake the butter as violently as you want! And the lid can be used as a bowl, too.

Surrounded by the snarling canines, the hyena who was fighting for his life seemed to have little chance to escape unscathed.