Jordan, Stoudemire, Kirilenko And Their Beautiful Wives

Professional athletes pretty much get first pick when it comes to dating. Considering how much these ballers love to sleep with beautiful women, the number of NBA babies is steadily growing. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe ring any bells? Here are 21 of the hottest NBA baby mamas.

1. Zuleyka Jerris Rivera Mendoza

Zuleyka is a Puerto Rican beauty queen and Telemundo TV star. She has a baby with NBA point guard Juan J.J. Barea.

2. Adriana Lima

The Vogue and GQ model has two daughters with Marko Jaric.

3. Masha Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko definitely lucked out with this Russian pop singer.

4. Alexis Stoudemire

Alexis has four kids with Amare Stoudemire, whom she met at a Nelly concert.

5. Jessica Olsson

A Kenyan native and director for the Goss-Michael Foundation gallery. She's married to NBA superstar Dirk Nowitzki.

6. Savannah Brinson

The mother of LeBron James' two sons.

7. Porschla Coleman

The model and Star Search winner has two children with Jason Kidd.

8. Callie Rivers

Paul George's baby mama, or one of them, anyways, if you believe the rumors.

9. Brunn Cameron

The mother of Blake Griffin's child is a USC basketballer herself and sister of Jordan Cameron.

10. Candace Parker

Another baller on the list, an WNBA star who had a child with Shelden Williams in 2008.

11. Yvette Prieto

It's not hard for Michael Jordan to find a beautiful mate. The two recently had their first child.

12. Samara Felippa

Leandro Barbosa married Samara in 2008 and they have two kids together and have survived two separations.

13. Lala Anthony

Carmelo Anthony's TV star wife is the mother to his son, Kiyan.

14. Royce Reed

The reality TV star, Royce Reed is the only baby-mama Dwight Howard claims.

15. Laura Govan

Meet the lovely mother of four of Gilbert Arena's kids.

16. Hope Alexa

Hope Alexa is the mother to one of Dwight Howard's children.

17. Gloria Govan

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes share two children.

18. Adrienne Bosh

Adrienne Bosh is the mother of two of Chris Bosh's three children.

19. Draya Michele

The reality TV star, Draya Michele is the mother to Gilbert Arena's 12-year-old son, Kniko.

20. Daniela Rajic

Paul George and former Queen's stripper Daniela Rajic have one beautiful daughter and a not-so-beautiful relationship following their court battle.