How This Abandoned Girl Is Tempered Into The World's Best Athlete

2. Biles' upbringing was chaotic. She shuffled back and forth between their house and a foster home until she was six years old. When asked her memories from those days, Biles recalled that one foster home had a trampoline, but she wasn't allowed to play on.


3. In 2001, an important turning point in Biles' life came. Her grandparents officially adopted her. Biles describes the moment: "I went upstairs and tried practicing it in the mirror - 'Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad.' Then I went downstairs, and she was in the kitchen. I looked up at her, and I was like, 'Mom?' She said, 'Yes!'"


4. On this year's Father's Day, Simone posted this photo with the caption: "Happy Father's Day to the best dad out there! Thanks for always protecting me! I love you."


5. On this year's Mother's Day, Simone posted this photo and wrote: "Happy Mother's Day to the world's most amazing, sassy and cutest mom! I love you, momma Biles."


6. Simone's adoptive parents moved her to Spring, Texas. There they introduced her to gymnastics. After a year at a local Texas gym, Biles was spotted by Aimee Boorman, a trainer and former competitive gymnast, who has since overseen her meteoric rise.


7. Simone's parents also introduced her to the Christian faith. She attends mass with her family every Sunday. Simone prays regularly and carries a rosary her mother gave her.


8. Biles' training schedule looks pretty crazy: "In a typical week, Biles trains on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 to 5:30; on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 to noon and 3 to 6; and on Saturdays from 9 to 1." But her parents supported her with her every step of the way.


9. So Simone Biles is able, with ease, to pull off moves that other gymnasts could only dream about and that was seemingly unbound by the laws of gravity. Her signature move was even named after her as "The Biles."


10. So when you're watching Simone Biles perform the impossible in mid-air, remember it was Simone's grounding in faith and particularly the love of her adoptive family that allowed her to reach such super-human heights. Now go get 'em, Simone!


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