Love or Lust? These 6 Endearing Comics Can Help You How To Tell

1. Now that's amore!


2. Well, that's my favorite.


3. When you just "get" each other.


4. Because sharing IS caring.

Just after announcing having pneumonia after leaving a 9/11 tribute, Hillary Clinton made her appearance looking much better outside her daughter's New York City home.


5. Don't lie! We've all been there.

The candidate's sudden change has fired perhaps the most insane conspiracy theory of the election: the person was a body double. Trump fans began to tweet about the theory.


6. Which one comes first? Lust is more about going through what you think passion should be, and love is more about accepting your partner and yourself truly and fully without question to another person for a long time. What kind of relationship are you in? Perhaps time will tell!

One common theme was that Clinton appeared "thinner" when she greeted reporters after the event.