Merry Christmas: 15 Best Alcohol Advent Calendars

Count down to December with these drinkable advent calendars stuffed with gin, vodka, and beer! Here are 15 of the finest alcoholic advent calendars picked just for you.

#1 Chase Distillery Christmas Advent Calendar - For All Kinds of Spirits Lovers


For a joyful Christmas, we highly recommend you tickle your taste buds with a mini bottle of your favourite liqueur from this Chase advent calendar. If you don’t have special interest in any particular booze but want to try a wide variety of alcohol like gin, vodka and liqueur, this would be your best choice. It contains 24 exceedingly delicious 5cl miniatures of 14 different Chase products, including Williams Elegant Gin, Chase Rhubarb Vodka and Chase Elderflower Liqueur.

#2 Best of British Beer’s Christmas Tree Beer Advent Calendar - The Only Beer Christmas Tree in the World


Not a fan of spirits? Try this 69cm tall beer advent calendar with 25 festive British beers in various strengths and styles. You are likely to find at least one bottle to pair with your December dinner.

#3 Drinks by the Dram’s Whisky Advent Calendar - Especially for Whisky Lovers


24 different 3cl wax-sealed drams of whisky sit behind each window. Whisky lovers can enjoy booze ranging from The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak, BenRiach 10 Year Old to Scallywag 13 Year Old. Season’s greetings!

#4 Drinks by the Dram’s That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar - Includes Exclusive Brand New Releases


This advent calendar is brand new for 2017! Containing various award-winners, such as Swedish Rose Gin - Hernö, Cucamelon Gin and Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin. How can  anyone resist a charming box like this?

#5 Drinks by the Dram & Gin Foundry’s Ginvent Calendar - Especially For Gin Lovers


This might be the best alcoholic advent calendar for gin lovers around the world. Whether you are seeking for craft delights or tricky-to-find treats, 24 3cl samples of marvelous gins behind 24 windows would undoubtedly surprise you. What festive joy!

#6 Virgin Wines’ The Wine Advent Calendar - Especially For Wine Lovers


Christmas is too short for boring wines. Thankfully we have these large size wine bottles behind 24 windows from Virgin Wines! This calendar contains world-class wines, including 10 whites, 10 reds, 2 rosés, 1 Prosecco, and even a festive Champagne treat.

#7 Drinks by the Dram’s The Vodka Advent Calendar - Especially For Vodka Lovers


This calendar is the ultimate way for vodka fans to countdown to Christmas! We bet you can’t resist these 24 different 3cl samples of vodka, including flavoured treats ranging from Bimber Oak Aged Vodka, St. George Green Chile Vodka, to Crystal Head Vodka.

#8 HonestBrew’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar - Especially For Professional Beer Lovers


24 unique beers with with 19 different styles, including stouts, porters, IPAs, pales, and sours. This calendar will satisfy the desire of every beer lover with selections from top craft breweries. And HonestBrew promises that all beer is made from mighty fine ingredients and some LOVE.

#9 The Sparkling Fizz Advent Calendar - For Bubbles and Sparkling Spirits Lovers


Sparkling spirits including Cava, Prosecco, Pinot Noir and Rose from Spain, Italy and Australia wait for you behind those little windows. Treat yourself or your beloved with this marvelous festive calendar. May your Christmas be merry and your glass always filled with bubbles.

#10 Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar - For Wine Lovers Who are Interested in France, Italy, or Spain Styles


The packaging of this calendar may resemble that of a toy, but the content of it is purely for adults. All the reds, whites and rosés from France, Italy, or Spain in Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar have won awards. Gift yourself a miniature bottle of fine wine every night before Christmas.

#11 Laithwaite’s The Wine Advent Calendar - A Real Wine Pub for You and Your Beloved


It’s a lot of fun to find 24 different delicious wines to sip before Christmas. From fine Prosecco to rich reds, each bottle will inspire wine lovers.

#12 John Lewis’ Edinburgh Gin Advent Calendar - For Gin Lovers and John Lewis’s Fans


Need a reason to drink gin through December? Try this adorable Edinburgh Gin advent calendar with 25 bottles of 5cl of varying flavours, including original Edinburgh Gin, briny Seaside Gin and navy-strength Cannonball Gin. This box will give you a perfect reason to drink gin everyday.

#13 The Pip Stop’s The Gin and Tonic Advent Calendar - Especially For Gin and Tonic Lovers


Celebrate the perfect start to Christmas with a 70cl bottle of The Lakes Gin and a selection of 24 mini bottles of tonic. The calendar also contains brands such as Bottlegreen, Double Dutch, Fever Tree and Fentimans, London Essense and Franklin and Sons. All of them sound delicious!

#14 Sendagift Wine Advent Calendar - For Wine Lover with Good Taste


Behind each window awaits a 200ml bottle of best customer-rated wine. This calendar contains whites and reds from Barramundi, Trivento and Le Petit Chat, each suitable for a festive dinner.

#15 Pickering’s Gin Baubles - Best Christmas Tree Decoration for Gin Lovers


This is technically not an advent calendar since there are only 6 gin baubles in one pack, each of which is filled with 5cl of Pickering’s gin. But you may want to hang these cute and scrumptious baubles on your Christmas tree!