Mom Took Her Son To The Hospital, But Days Later They Found This...


1. When Mandy Suzanne Smith picked her son Zachary up from school, she immediately knew something was wrong.


2. At first, Zachary was complaining of a rash on his foot, and that his eyes were itchy. By the next day, it had spread all over his body.


3. After he started to run a fever. Mandy wasn't sure what was going on, but she knew Zachary was getting worse by the minute.


4. At first, doctors thought he had some kind of viral infection that was causing the rash and fever, but the medicine wasn't having any effect.


5. Over time, they realized something far worse was going on.


6. They discovered Zachery had SJS, otherwise known as Steven - Johnson Syndrome.


7.SJS is usually a reaction to a medication or an infection. It begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by a painful red or purplish rash that spreads along with blisters. The top layer of the affected skin then dies and sheds.


8. The treatment of Zachary then became a serious emergency.


9. The doctors put him in a medically induced coma to remove the top layer of infected skin. They then wrapped him in a material called biorane, which covers the body and allows new skin to form underneath.


10. Doctors were unsure if he'd survive, and all his mother could do was pray.


11. Luckily, young Zachary was a fighter. He made it out of surgery and worked towards a full recovery.


12. Zachary told his parents that while he was in his coma, an angel held him in his arms.


13. He said he had also seen his grandmother, who'd recently passed.

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14. It was their reassurance that got him through.


15. Though we can't know exactly what happened to this poor child in the coma, it's a reminder that all things are possible with a little bit of faith in whatever you believe.