Muggles Are In For A Treat!!! Harry Potter Makeup Palettes Are Just Magical!!!

Gryffindor has a lion-shaped bronze shadow in Bravery.

1. House Crest Palette Covers

Hufflepuff includes a badger-shaped metallic-green hue in Trust.


2. Ravenclaw

Slytherin features a green snake-shaped shade called Cunning.


3. Gryffindor

Unfortunately, this is a project all in the realm Spellsandstars' imagination. However, judging by the feedback it's getting, we are keeping our fingers crossed it actually happens very soon.


4. Hufflepuff


5. Slytherin

At first sight, it could maybe be a little cute. But look further, you're definitely setting the bar really low for the rest of her life.


6. Now bad news...

The parents might think this is a Canadian leaf. Whether or not you know what this is, a leaf is not an adequate costume for a baby.