Shocking Historical Photos You Shouldn't Miss

Captured a long time ago, this photo tells us that our world is never a peaceful place. This frozen Soviet soldier's body was erected by Finnish in order to demoralize the invading Soviet troops.

#1. Son Dying of AIDS

I remember my father once told me, you would never learn swimming if you stay on the land. Judging from this photo, I think my father is just too provincial. Of course, you can learn swimming without even wetting yourself.


#2. Bison Skull Mountain

Captured in 1972, this photos depicts a victim who suddenly burst into flames for no reason. We haven't figured out the hidden mechanism behind this phenomenon.


#3. Frozen Soviet Soldier

This breath-taking photo was captured during a fire escape. Unfortunately, the fire escape collapsed, and both the child and the babysitter fell. But the happy ending is that they were rescued by a fireman eventually.


#4. Swimming Lessons With No Pool

In 1937, if your family are living in the city and you think that you children deserve to inhale more fresh air and get close to the nature, you got this weird instrument!


#5. Spontaneous Human Combustion Victim

Imagine you are walking in the gravesite, and when you look your reflection in the lake, you find another you?is looking at you! What an erie experience, especially when it happened long before Photoshop is invented.


#6. Collapsed Fire Escape

Giant insects are the most disgusting theme of everyone's dream. How about meeting a monstrous grasshopper in the real world? I bet you can not kill it with a swat, but a shotgun.


#7. Why Not Get Some Fresh Air?

Does vampire really exist in our world? I can not give you an exact answer. But maybe you can learn something from this staked vampire heart.


#8. Double Reflections

An A-Bomb victim was showing his scars after the Hiroshima's tragedy. Three days later, Nagasaki was dropped the second bomb.


#9. Giant Grasshopper

You can never imagine how weird our world was in the past. This Punt Gun was invented in the 1850's. It was so powerful that 50 ducks could be killed in one shot. Apparently, it was outlawed in the 1860's.


#10. Staked Vampire Heart

When we are marching towards space, we are ignoring another mysterious world on our own planet. Our knowledge of the ocean is extremely limited and even now we have no idea what is lying on the bottom of the sea. Occassionally and with a bit of luck, we can catch a quick glimpse of this mysterious world. Believe me, you will doubt the definition of reality after seeing following photos.


#11. A-Bomb Scars

Usually, a plane would not be buried at the bottom of the ocean, but this one is a rare case. It is said that this plane ran out of fuel, and its pilot landed in the ocean in order to avoid a crash. The pilot survived, but the skeleton of the plane sank into the unfathomable abyss.


#12. Classic Guns

Diving into the ocean is not scary, but meeting with some rusty ghost must be terrifying! The ghost fleet is grave made of World War II victims.