Stunning Photos Of Parents VS. Kids At The Same Age

Daughter looks like Daddy

This is stunning that you won't believe these are two individuals at the first sight without the labels on the pictures.

stunning-photos-of-parents-vs-kids-at-the-same-age_1 stunning-photos-of-parents-vs-kids-at-the-same-age_2

These two not only have the same eyes but make the same expression. The differences I can figure is their hair and outfit. So stunning.


Officer Dad and his son look just alike

This one is stunning for the daughter looks so exactly as her mother, also for the baby she holds looks like herself on the left picture. Time changes nothing from these two pictures.


At my first sight, I think this is from one original photo but with different colors. They are so identical even though almost 60 years has passed.


They even have the same expression

The father and son have the same odd shaped mouth, and the only difference is the outfit.


Taking after her mother

Are these the same pics?


She's got her grandma's sass

Both will grow up to be nerdy


The Joker mouth

Mother and daughter with the same boring smile


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