The Real Reason Men Cheat

A study in the International Journal of Sexual Health revealed that one major motivator in a man's infidelity is his desire for sexual satisfaction that is seriously lacking in his present relationship.


1. He's immature

Because of a man's underlying fears that he's not good enough, he ends up looking for reassurance and affirmations of self-worth from others, both in and out of his relationship.


2. His emotional needs aren't being met.

Narcissistic men who believe their needs should always take precedence over the needs of others are more likely to seek satisfaction, praise, and attention outside of their relationship.


3. His physical needs aren't being met.

During childhood, men look to their fathers as role models of what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors aren't. And when they see their father cheat, this type of behavior would be ingrained into their own minds.


4. He is insecure.

Research has found that over 75 percent of men who cheat have a close friend who also cheats. And for those men, cheating becomes one more shared experience they can bond over.


5. He's an egomaniac.

For these men with cheating partners, they will also start affairs as a way to get back at their partner and regain a sense of power and control.


6. His father was a cheater.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but men with sexual performance issues are less inhibited when they're with someone new.


7. His friends are cheaters.

Power and status in the social realm or the workplace give men a self-esteem boost and sense of entitlement that motivate them to cheat on their partner.


8. He's being cheated on.

Engagement in immoral behavior without getting caught can make someone feel good, both physically and mentally. And these feelings are powerful enough to motivate a man to cheat.


9. He's worried about his sexual performance.

Sexual curiosity was also a major incentive to cheat because sexual experiences with someone new are more alluring and appealing.


10. He wants to exert his power.

A study in PLoS One revealed that people who have a dopamine receptor gene known as DRD4 are more likely to cheat, have one-night stands, and engage in other types of high-risk sexual behavior.


11. He enjoys the thrill.

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12. He's curious.


13. He is genetically a cheater.