These Two Women Dump This Guy On The Show And Fall In Love With Each Other!

She continued "From that first cocktail party, it was like this instant calibration between souls, as if we had known each other once before."

Marx said. "Friendship ripened into something bolder, trust in a very strange situation was formed, and now every adventure we have rivals the other and continues to make plans for itself."


Scanlon, meanwhile, took to Instagram to thank Marx for the birthday surprises, which included a mind blowingly spectacular trip to the Abrolhos islands.


She's helped me to disintegrate many of the ideals I've had that were harmful (about relationships, about career and 'stability') and for that I feel set free, Marx said.


Life is a journey, she added. "It goes by quickly, so fill it with love, laughter and happiness!"


On the show, Marx said "I think when you first meet someone, you know when there's potential to fall in love with that person."


She didn't fall in love with Strahan, avoiding his kisses and volunteering to leave the show.


This could be the greatest love story ever to come out of The Bachelor.


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