This Haunted Train Ride In Pennsylvania That Will Send Chills Shimmying Up And Down Your Spine

1. Decorated for Autumn, the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad has no clue to the terror that awaits aboard the haunted train ride.


2. Be sure to arrive early since you will board your train 10 minutes before the departure on a Halloween adventure. This adventure includes the haunted Halloween train ride and a 3-D Maze. Now off you go, into the depth of the unknown!


3. You will get a glimpse into what will be waiting for you on the scary ride when you wait for the train's arrival anxiously.


4. You can get a quick snack or drink if you are not so worried about the adventure you are expecting.


5. During this haunted ride, you will have few clues who or what is going to pop out of the shadows. The creatures you will encounter are sure to frighten the strongest of heart. SO we caution you to STAY ON GUARD!

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6. The train runs on select dates from October 7 at 7 & 8:30 pm.


7. You can buy e-tickets in advance. Tickets are $34.95.