This Is How 4 Swedish Cops In New York Respond When A Fight Broke Out On The Subway

Four Swedish police officers' vacation was interrupted by a fight on the New York subway.


Two men were involved in the fight. What these cops did is really impressive.


They checked them for injuries. Well done, gentlemen.


And amazingly, they did it without offending or intimidating either of the two men.


It was a violence-free resolution. The tragedy of Titanic has stuck in our minds more than a century, but we're likely unfamiliar with what really happened after it sank. The images below will tell you what the immediate aftermath of the tragedy looked like, from New York all the way to the UK.


And that is worthy of praise.

Being a cop is tough and dangerous. But these four men just showed us that it can still be guided by respect and empathy - not ruthlessness and brutality.