This Is What A Man Looks Like To Survive A Car Crash

1. Graham has a rather flat face and a lot of fatty tissue to absorb the energy of an impact.

His skull is bigger with more fluid and more ligaments, which act as an inbuilt safety mechanism to support the brain when a collision occurs.


2. The brace-like structure in Graham's neck could protect his head from injury in case of sudden movement.


3. The multiple nipples on Graham work like a natural set of airbags to protect his ribs.

The skull is almost helmet like. It absorbs a lot of force on impact by fracturing, which stops the force from carry through to the brain.


4. Graham has the same brain as ours but with a bigger skull.

When a pedestrian is hit by a car when stepping out from a curb, the immediate problem is that the knee will always break first because it is only built to bend in one direction. But in fact, from what the force of impact can tell, the tendons can also pull, twist and hyperextend well beyond their intended radius.


5. Graham has the airbag-like ribs with sacks that have the same function as that of an airbag.

This is especially important for motorcyclists and cyclists, who have only little protection between themselves and the road.


6. Graham's skull has the inbuilt crumple zones that would absorb the energy on impact.

The hoof-like legs with added joints will allow him to jump out of the way quickly in a "spring-loaded" fashion, greatly reducing injuries to the legs, feet and ankles.


7. Graham's knees are designed to move in all directions so the chances of them getting injured would reduce.

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8. The thicker and tougher skin can help avoid and reduce abrasions and road rash.

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9. Graham has hoof-like legs with added joints.

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