This Man Made His Wife A Real-Life Harry Potter Pensieve Full Of Happy Memories

This man took a class to make pottery himself. It cost him 4 lessons of 2 hours each to make, print and glaze.

1. Hedwig is delivering her gift!


2. Gift 1: Her very own magic wand!

He filled a number of small glass bottles with memories he and his wife's relationship on cool "sparkly paper" and rolled them up.


3. Gift 2: Hand-made bowl


4. The bottom of the bowl


5. Gift 3: Bottles filled with memories of he and his soon-to-be wife

He glued a magnet to the bottom of these bottles.


6. Put all these together, here is a Pensieve!


7. If she wants a memory, she just needs to put the wand in the bowl.


8. Then to pull the memory out of the bottle.


9. Now it's time to open the memory and smile!

No, it's not what it seems. Grandma is not breathing, and the kid in her arms is not a being of flesh and blood. They are actually hyper-realistic sculptures, recreated with accurate detail to the point where you can hardly to tell what you see is real or not.
Here we bring you the best images from the Hyperrealist Sculpture 1973-2016 exhibition at Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao.


10. There are empty bottles and blank sheets of paper, just for future memories.

Look at that man. Is he trapped?
Let's find out the truth.


11. This happy couple.

No, it's not a trap. It is not a man hidden in boxes. It's actually a self-portrait of the author.