This One Photo Just Proved How Unfair Usain Bolt's Dominance Is

It's really unfair just how hard the other runners tried, as Bolt strolled across the finish line with a smile.

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Bolt continues to make the 100-metre sprint as he does on Sunday afternoon with his mates.


If you have watched the Summer Olympics in Rio since the very beginning, you may have noticed Leonardo DiCaprio and Princess Kate down in Rio. But,no, it's not them. It's their athletic doppelgangers.


The internet went viral when a picture of the Oscar winner grabbing his bow and arrowing for the archery competition surfaced, but in the end it turned out to be his athletic twin, Brady Ellison, on the field. According to the Quad City Times, Brady Ellison appreciates the extra attention it's brought to archery, but doesn't quite see the resemblance.


The French cyclist seems to be the long lost royal twin of Princess Kate. Their bright eyes and gorgeous smiles are strikingly alike.