Tom Hanks Has Turned His Twitter Into A Lost And Found And It's Great

1.Most of you may know Tom Hanks through his legendary performances in many a classic movie.


2.But recently this Oscar-winning actor has cultivated an avocation that you probably would not imagine: he's turned his Twitter into a lost and found, featuring a ton of bad jokes.


3.Sometimes he even shares the location where he found the lost item, just so he can facilitate an easier reunion for its owner.


4.The best part is that he signs Hanx, at the end of every one of his Lost&Found tweets.


5. But It's noteworthy that last October he tweeted a picture of a student ID of a Fordham University student, which he found in a park and even managed to get it back to the owner.


6. Is this just another piece of performance art from a world-renowned artist?_?


7. Or is Hanks simply trying to do something good, using his power as a celebrity to truly help lost items find their way home?


8. We may never know. But, nevertheless, thanx Hanx.