Twins Who Look Similar At Birth Are Totally Different 18 Years Later

You might have thought that twins are always genetically identical and physically similar. Well, this holds true for 99% of twins. But that was not the case with young Lucy and Maria Aylmer. Their birth turned out to be one in a million.


1. Exciting News

Expectant parents Donna and Vince Aylmer went for their first routine scan and were thrilled to learn that they were pregnant with not one, but two babies. However, they were also a bit nervous about how they were going to cope.


2. The Aylmers Family

Twins seemed like they might be a bit of handful, especially with three kids already in the family named George, Chynna, and Jordan. However, this didn't stop the loving couple from celebrating the fantastic news. They had no idea that another bigger surprise was on the way.


3. Born

The twins were born on January 16, 1997, but when the midwife handed over the babies, mom Donna was completely speechless. Although Donna knew that she was going to have fraternal twins, she didn't expect the twins to look so different.


4. A Pair Of Biracial Twins

One baby had a pale white complexion, accented by deep blue eyes and ginger hair. They called her Lucy. The other one had dark skin, which was matched with brown eyes and brown hair. They named her Marie. The Aylmers had created a set of biracial twins, whose chances at birth turned out to be one in a million. How could this have happened?


5. Incredible Science

The twins were formed from separate eggs in the womb, so, they each inherited different sets of genes from their parents. Dad Vince is white, while mom Donna is half Jamaican and half white. As a result, Maria inherited mom's dark skin while Lucy looked like her dad. How would the unexpected differences affect the girl's lives?


6. Same But Also Different

As things tend to go with twins, Donna dressed her girls in matching outfits when Lucy and Maria were young. Strangers couldn't help but stare in confusion because the girls didn't look like twins. They were even made to produce their birth certificates by their friends, just to prove they were actually twins.


7. A Sense Of Identity

By the time they were seven years old, the twins told their mother they preferred to dress differently. They wondered why they had to wear the same clothes if they looked nothing alike. Besides, social pressures continued to affect them.


8. Like Night And Day

The girls differ from each other not only in appearance but also in personality. Maria is outgoing while Lucy is shy. Lucy is scared to approach strangers, whereas Maria is confident in meeting strangers and starting a conversation.


9. Different Style

Besides major contrasts in their appearance and personalities, they both have their own sense of style. Lucy wears edgy and dark makeup and has piercings, while Maria dresses in a more sophisticated fashion. All these differences meant that they weren't actually all that close when they were young.


10. College days

They pursued different career paths, too. Lucy studied art and design at Gloucester College, while Maria enrolled in Cheltenham College as a law student. In college, they did think highly of each other though, and the bond between them was becoming stronger than ever.


11. No Psychic Bond?

When asked if they share the stereotypical psychic bond that all twins claim to possess, they admitted that they didn't really feel it. However, they did sometimes suffer from the same physical pains in the same spots.


12. More Similar Than They Thought

Even though Lucy and Maria are different from each other in many ways, they were actually more similar than they first thought. As you can see, in their own styles both can pass for models at 18 years old. It seems that no matter what happens, they will always support each other.