Who Get Your Votes As The Hottest Weather Girls

A simple touch on your smartphone screen can give you the instant weather conditions anywhere. However, those smoking hot weather girls on TV will surely make cold days hotter and rainy days brighter. Now, scroll to appreciate these beauties!

1. Best of Both Worlds Cristina Blackwell

Cristina started her career as a weather girl at Univision. Thanks to her immense popularity and astounding beauty, she jumped to the San Antonio, Texas market to host S.A. Live. She's quite a fandom online and that'll likely only grow. She keeps moving up in the journalism world!

2. Ximena Cordoba Takes It up a Notch

Born in Colombia, Ximena has earned her fame as a model, weather forecaster, and actress, as well as won herself a vast fan base on Twitter and Facebook. Afraid it's going to rain? Ximena's skimpy skirts and flirtatious presenting style will bring sunshine to your day.

3. Just Another Hot Outfit for Jackie Guerrido

This Puerto Rico-born lady is quite versatile. Besides serving as a weather girl, Jackie is also a radio program co-host, a traffic reporter, and even a terrific dancer! Eager to know if Las Vegas is going to be sunny tomorrow? Well, get your phone! Jackie is up there waiting for you.

4. The Midriff Queen Mayte Carranco

Mayte can be rightfully regarded as one of the hottest weather girls in Mexico. She is now bringing her freshness to everybody on earth. Mayte looks fabulous in any color on TV with her hot figure and pretty smiles. It's ladies like this that make HD worthwhile.

5. Janice Villagran Crossing Borders

Although Janice has been developing her career in shows and sports journalism, it's weather presenting on Arden News that gains her wide popularity. She usually amazes her audience with striking looks, body-hugging dresses, and a voluptuous body.

6. Why the Texas Population Loves Chita Craft

Chita Johnson, aka Chita Craft, graduated from Mississippi State University. She began her career with KRCR, where she won the "Best Media Personality" for two running years. The elegant lady with blonde hair and a bright smile now reports the weather on KHOU every day.

7. Yanet Garcia's Trunk Is Full

Yanet Garcia has been branded as one of the hottest weather girls on the globe. This 28-year-old Mexican gorgeous reporter on "Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey" has 5.9M followers on Instagram, and her fans are still increasing like no tomorrow.

8. A Stroke Won't Stop Bri Winkler

Bri worked as a meteorologist and weather personality with ABC7 Eyewitness News. But the Queen of Weather left the industry to pursue her Masters in Environmental Science in 2017. As a survivor of a stroke, she's now devoted to spreading stroke recognition in the country.

9. The Hawaiian Native Maria Quiban

The 48-year-old Hawaiian beauty looks like being in her thirties with a fabulous face and hot figure. Quiban has been working as a weather anchor, producer, and actress, and won several awards, including the Emmy Awards. She divorced three times and is now a mother of two.

10. Many Degrees for Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft, born to Russian Jewish parents, is quite talented, possessing degrees in Broadcast Journalism, Political Science, and Meteorology. She would blossom into a beautiful weather forecaster and journalist and now works for KCAL9 in Los Angeles.

11. Lluvia's Got It Going On

Lluvia Carrillo, one of the hottest weather girls Mexico can ever present to the public, has around 1.5M followers on Facebook. This 24-year-old beauty makes your heart flutter with her lovely personality and professional broadcasting style.

12. Is Magda Palimariu Modeling or What?

Romania is burning hot because of Magda Palimariu. With fantastic body and super great legs, she has built a name for herself as a weather presenter for the TV Channel Pro TV. Turn on the TV, grab a beer, and listen to Magda's weather forecasts. It'll make your day.

13. Sugey Abrego Might Be Heading to the Club

Sugey became popular all over the world after a major wardrobe malfunction back in 2015 while presenting the weather. She is also an actress, model, and has posed for Playboy magazine of Mexico. Men are smitten with her sculptural figure and exuberant body.

14. Los Angeles Loves Tuning in for Jackie Johnson

Jackie is a weather reporter for KCBS-TV and KCAL9. Graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in broadcast journalism, she amazes us with her professional quality and excellent taste for outfits. She's also a designer for "The French Closet."

15. Susana Almeida's Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Like Sugey, this Mexican weather reporter shot to fame after a misfortunate wardrobe malfunction on air broadcasting. No doubt that Susana's curvaceous figure and bold dressing could easily rev you up every time you steal a glance at this hottie.

16. The Traveler That Is Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson has employed her talents as a meteorologist on The Weather Channel since 2013. She's one of the most beautiful women in the weather business. Besides, she has double the brainpower, as she attended both Syracuse University and Pennsylvania State University.

17. Jill Nicolini and Her Revealing Outfits

Jill Nicolini is another hot weather forecaster that juggles various jobs. In addition to being a meteorologist, she's an actress and a model. Jill appeared on the TV series Married by America back in 2003. Before that, she appeared in Playboy magazine.

18. The Telemundo Star That Is Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra is originally from Peru and currently works for Telemundo's Cada Dia con Maria Antonieta in the mornings. She studied journalism at Hunter College in New York and eventually was given an internship with CNN. In her spare time, she is a practitioner of yoga.

19. Elita Loresca Keeps the Viewers Watching

Elita is a Filipino-American meteorologist and currently works for ABC-13 Eyewitness News in Houston. She obtained her Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State. A mother of two, Elita loves to exercise and especially favors Cross-Fit and Kick Boxing.

20. The Olympian Angie Sabrina Gonzalez

Angie is a weather forecaster who graces TV screens across Venezuela with her awesome looks and weather knowledge. She's also an athlete of giant proportions. In the 2008 Summer Olympics, she was a track cyclist and competed in the women's road race event.

21. Let It Shine on Sheena Parveen!

Sheena Parveen is one of the hottest weather girls in Philadelphia. In any of her outfits, you can see the curves she was blessed with, so male viewers love to sit back and watch before they started their day in the morning. she now utilizes her talents at NBC Washington.